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Qinli Alloy & Material Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd, located in Xi'an, China, invested in 3 sets of arc furnaces in Inner Mongolia of China with the power value of 12500KVA and 33000KVA, 2 sets of 12500KVA furnaces are mainly producing special alloys such as FeSiZr, FeSiBa, CaSiBa, and 1 set of 33000KVA furance is mainly producing for Calcium Silicon, is mainly engaged in the production, processing, and exporting of special ferroalloys and casting materials, ferroalloys, non-ferrous metals, engineering ceramics, refractory materials, etc.  

Special ferroalloys and casting materials include ferro silicon zirconium alloy, zirconium inoculant, Graphite Seed, ferro silicon barium inoculant, ferro silicon barium alloy, silicon zirconium manganese inoculant, silicon strontium inoculant, silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer, silicon calcium barium deoxidizer, rare earth silicon magnesium nodularizer, cored wire, etc.

Non-ferrous metals are mainly produced and processed by remelting nickel-magnesium, lanthanum-cerium rare earth metals, involving the import and export trade business of nickel, magnesium, silicon, strontium, calcium, and other metals. Refractories are mainly based on the production and processing of reaction-sintered silicon carbide kiln furniture.

1 (1)The details of our foundry products factory are as follows;

❊Production equipment:

2 sets of 12500KVA Submerged arc furnaces  

1set of 33000KVA Submerged arc furnace 

3 sets of 500kg Induction furnaces

1 set of 2000kg Induction furnace 

1 set automatic crash line of Nodularizer

1 set automatic crash line of Inoculant 

1 set of Cored wire production line 

1 set of automatic packing line

❊Production capacity for Nodularizer: 8,000.00 tons per year

❊Production capacity for Inoculant: 10,000.00 tons per year 

❊Production capacity for other special alloy & Non-ferrous metal: 3,000.00 tons per year 

❊Laboratory equipment: automatic fluorescence analyzer, particle size detector, carbon and sulfur analyzer etc.

There are special service and R&D teams set in the company, including 2 senior engineers and 2 senior technicians with rich industry experience in operation to keep exploring new products while ensuring product quality. In 2018, we developed the special inoculants devoted to the treatment of molten iron in the later stages of large castings and realized volume production. The domestic market has been gradually developed to replace imported monopoly products.

To support our professional production and processing, and ensure a stable supply of goods, our company has established a stable supply chain channel by using the good cooperative relationship established with various factories over the years to provide high-quality raw materials for many high-end foundry enterprises at home and abroad, maintains a long-term good relationship with customers and wins their trust and support.

Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, South America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, and other places. The domestic market has been gradually expanded recently. Our products are used by large domestic foundry enterprises with stable quality.

Our independent technical service and R&D team can formulate one-to-one professional technical solutions, combined with our high-quality products, to solve problems for customers.

We sincerely look forward to collaborating with you and developing together to win a brighter future.