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FeSiSr Inoculant

Product Profile

Silicon strontium inoculant is mainly used as a casting inoculant. Strontium is the most effective element to promote inoculation among ferrosilicon inoculants. When the supercooling degree is large, it has a special effect of reducing the number of eutectic cell, which can reduce the shrinkage of castings and shrinkage defects.
















Size and Package

  • The size is mainly 0.2-0.6mm.

  • The products are supplied in 25kg woven bag packaging or plus 1MT plastic woven bag.

Please note that the chemical composition,

size and packaging of the above products can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Performance and Features

●   It does not significantly increase the number of eutectic cell while reducing the white mouth, thereby reducing the tendency of the casting to loosen due to inoculation, and improving the compactness and pressure resistance of the casting.

●   Better section uniformity and anti-recession ability.

●   Low melting point, good solubility, low calcium content, less slag, and allowing a lower incubation temperature.

Low melting point

Good solubility

Low calcium content

Less slag


1.It suitable for thin-walled or chilled high-sulfur and low-sulfur gray castings with strong inking ability, and also used in ductile iron to increase nodule count, especially high nickel corrosion-resistant ductile iron.

2.Because it reduces the chill and does not significantly increase the number of eutectic cell, it is particularly suitable for gray castings that require dense and non-loose castings and water pressure resistance. It is different from  inking inoculants of carbon silicon calcium and allows the molten iron temperature to be low. At the same time, the content of calcium and aluminum is low, the slag is little, and the casting has no porosity defects.


How to use

In-bag method, the added amount is reduced by 30% compared with ferrosilicon. For gray cast iron, about 0.1-0.3% alloy cast iron can be increased appropriately. The allowable temperature range is 1360-1460℃, generally 1400-1600℃. 

The inoculant should be added to the metal stream that flows into the ladle. Do not add or place the inoculant on the surface of the molten iron.