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Product description

Ferrophosphorus is obtained from a phosphorus-making electric furnace. It is a symbiotic compound containing 20-26% phosphorus and 0.1-6% silicon, which can change the corrosion resistance and chipping of steel. Ferrophosphorus is used as an alloying agent in the steelmaking industry and can also produce phosphate.

Product introduction



Chemicals  ( %,  ≥ ,  ≤ )
















Size and Package

Size: 5-10mm, 10-50mm

Package: 1MT big bag

Please note that the chemical composition, size and packaging of the above products can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Performance and Features

1.Improve the tensile strength of steel, improve casting performance and surface quality;

2.It is used to improve wear resistance. Eg. Phosphorus of about 0.15% can significantly improve the wear resistance of cast iron.;

3.It is used to enhance fluidity of molten iron. Ferrophosphorus alloy strictly control the phosphorus content index to ensure the wear resistance and fragility of ferrophosphorus.


1. Ferrophosphorus is widely used in rollers, automobile cylinder liners, engine rollers and large castings to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of mechanical parts;

2. Phosphorus is partly dissolved in ferrite in steel, and partly forms a very brittle compound. The plasticity and toughness of the steel at room temperature are sharply reduced, and the brittleness transition temperature is also increased.

3. Ferrophosphorus can be used to make shells for grenades, shells, etc. Because of its brittle nature, it can obtain a large number of shrapnel after an explosion to improve the killing efficiency.