Silicon Carbide

Product description

Silicon carbide is a typical polymorphic compound, divided into broad categories, there are two kinds of α silicon carbide and β silicon carbide.  

There are two varieties of alpha silicon carbide as black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide. Beta silicon carbide is the main raw material for preparing silicon carbide ceramics.

Product introduction



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Size and Package

Size: 10-240mesh

Package: 25KG plastic woven bag

Please note that the chemical composition, size and packaging of the above products can be customized according to customers' requirements.


Silicon carbide is subdivided by industry usage as follows:

1.Applications of non-ferrous metal smelting industry

The use of silicon carbide has high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, and impact resistance. It is used as an indirect heating material at high temperature.

2. Applications in the steel industry

Taking advantage of silicon carbide's corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, wear resistance and good thermal conductivity, it is used in the lining of large blast furnaces to increase the service life.

3.Application of metallurgical beneficiation industry

Silicon carbide is second only to diamond in hardness, and has strong wear resistance. It is an ideal material for wear-resistant pipes, impellers, pump chambers, cyclones, and bucket linings. Its wear resistance is 5-20 times of the service life of cast iron and rubber.